I’m a teacher.  From the north. Living down south. There, I’ve said it all. Ok, then, a wee bit more…

Before teaching, I did various policy jobs in Government and for charities.  I ended up being a speech-writer for a Cabinet Minister…then the chalk and board came calling.

The aim of this blog is to combine two interests; politics and education.  It’s a look at the political world from my classroom window, if you like. It’s not set up to be in any way comprehensive, definitive or impartial.  It’s my views on whatever come to mind at any given point. 

To be honest, the main motivation has been the emergence of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government and a profound bafflement at some of the slightly odd policy ideas which popped up from the Conservatives (in particular) during the election campaign.  I didn’t agree with everything Labour did – far from it – but I was on board with the broad direction of travel.  Times have changed.  I feel a sense of unease about what lies ahead and this blog is designed to provide some kind of cathartic release.

I hope you enjoy it (you can also get follow me on Twitter @teachertalks – just click the link on the right).

P.S.  Take a look at my very first post to explain why the blog is called ‘pencil and paper test’.


6 responses to “About

  1. Meg

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. I must say i agree with you about your uneasy feelings about your new coalition government. I am only an observer of UK politics though- we have enough political issues of our own here in Australia. Times, they are a’changing, and the Labour party here looks like its in trouble!
    Happy blogging.

  2. There has to be room for parents I have worked for 25 years to raise the parents voice with a degree of success starting with Keith Joseph, after him it got easier but never easy. I have excellent response from parents on my website and use it to lobby the politicians the Department and LEA’s so onwards and upwards parents.

    • Hi Margaret – thanks for your comments and we agree about parent involvement. Good luck with your organisation. There’s a very interesting post by Feargal Hogan on my site. He makes some good points. What do you think?

  3. Phil Beadle

    I know it is new, but this is easily the best education blog I’ve read. It’s compulsive.

  4. andrew dixon

    great to read as a student of education ……..im hooked!

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