A Gove poem

If I were the man that had to decide,
from the list right at my side,
the lucky schools that shall be built,
I would make the call with a certain guilt.

If I were the man that had to pick,
who would gain that cherished brick,
my hopes would be for those who won,
my thoughts with those whose dreams undone.

If I were the man who was told,
my decision had been way too bold,
my eyes would droop and my head would drop,
for a moment or two my heart would stop.

If I were the man who had heard,
an abuse of power had occurred,
I would not say I was delighted,
get wobbly kneed and over-excited.

If I were the man who had read,
that ‘Unlawful’ was what the judge had said,
I would not jump around with glee,
but check the mirror – not like what I see.

If I were Gove – the man at the top,
my decision would be to make it stop,
knowing that this mess was mine,
I’d write ‘Dear David’ and then resign.



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4 responses to “A Gove poem

  1. Tony Parkin

    Captures succinctly and precisely how I am sure many of us felt at the pathetic reaction of the Secretary of State for Education to the BSF ruling. The ‘miserable pipsqueak’ being even worse when not being miserable! Superb…

  2. Kate McKenzie

    This is excellent. Thank you. As someone who worked on the BSF programme – all I ever wanted was better schools for kids. This poem made me remember why I was involved and why Gove’s decision is so awful – it shows the disdain in which he holds our communities and young people.

  3. Alex Bellars

    If I were Gove – and read this verse –
    I’d realise the Universe
    (Or most of it) was up in arms,
    Immune to all my so-called “charms”…
    I’d do the decent thing. But that’s the point:
    ‘Cos from his little finger’s joint
    Down to his toes, there ain’t a shred
    Of decency. So poorly-led
    Is our dear land in these sad times
    That he is not the only one
    Who’d do us all a favour if he shuffled off
    And let us sort the mess out on our own!

    (Sorry! The rhyme got lost in my vitriol!)

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